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As with many surnames the spellings changed a lot especially before the 20th Century.


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When the ancestors of the Buffry family emigrated to England following the Norman Conquest in 1066 they brought their family name with them.

 They lived in Staffordshire, where they were lords of the manor Colton.

Spelling variations include: Buffery, Buffrey,,Boughey, Buffie, Boffey, Buffey, Boughie, Boffie, Boghey and many more.

First found in Staffordshire where they were Landowners near the Manor of Colton from very ancient times. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: James Boffey who landed in North America in 1764.

According to Gill Sykes  Chair of Colton History Society:

“The Boughey's were not Lord's of the Manor of Colton but owned a substantial farm in Colton. The farm had been a Grange farm for St. Thomas's Priory in Staffordshire up to the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry V111.  The land had originally been given to the Priory in 1264 by the then Lord of Colton Manor William de Wasteney.

“At the dissolution the Bishop of Lichfield Bishop Lee requested the Priories lands from Henry to give to his orphaned and "supposedly" impoverished nephews- the Fowlers. The farm came into the hands of Thomas Fowler who subsequently sold it in the 1540's to Sampson Boughey.  I think as far as I can certain he was from the Boughey branch of the family in Audlum North Staffs.  It passed from Sampson to his son George and then to his son Sampson.  This last Sampson only had daughters.  Upon their father's death they became joint owners. Constance the youngest daughter married Whitehall Degge son of the famous Staffordshire antiquarian Sir Simon Degge. Together they bought out her sisters and became sole owners of Boughey Hall farm. 

“Soon after Whitehall died leaving Constance with one son.  Two years later she married Sir Thomas Whitgreave of Mosely Old Hall near Wolverhampton (now National Trust) and one of the rescuers of the future Charles 11 when he had fled from the Battle of Worcester. By this marriage the farm passed into the ownership of the Whitgreave family and remained with this family until the 1920's.  It is no longer a working farm but a collection of barn conversions.  However inside the main farmhouse there are still parts of the hall that was there in the time of the Boughey family.

“I did a research project on this farm as my study for a certificate in Local History from Keele University.

“If you want to look at a picture of the present day farm it is on our Colton history website www.coltonhistory.gov.org


 With a generation of DOMESDAY, Lower Penn, Staffordshire, England, was held by the BUFFER or BUFFERY family. From Penn Parish Register:  http://www.localhistory.scit.wlv.ac.uk/articles/Penn/history/Medieval.htm

 The Burnett family owned the manor until it was eventually sold to freeholders, or bought by the Leveson or Wrottesly families, with whose descendants it remained.

 From The Salter History Collections of Staffordshire: with reference to the 'Trescott Charters' and the BUFFERY gift to the monks of Combe. William BUFFERE III was the underlord of the Barons of Dudley at Nether Penn and Paddington-Bray in Surrey in 1174. William Fitz Warine was a sub-tenant at Nether Penn. Both were fined for their disaffection during the rebellion and their names appear on the Pipe Roll of 22H III among the tenants of Gervase Pagnel.. On the Fine Roll of II H3, The Sheriff of Surrey was ordered to take into the Kings hands the land of William BUFFARE in Paddington, referred to as Paddington-in-Bray.

"The Testa de Nevill states that padinden in Surrey, was taken into the King's hands on the occasion of the outlawry of Amice Wylekun, who was received into his house by William BUFFARI, and was found there: and that Benedict, a certain Jew of Chichester, afterwards claimed it as his pledge, producing a dee of William BUFFARI to that effect; but the King retained it in his hands, and gave it to Alan Trenchemer; and on the death of Alan, King John gave it to William de Brause, and after William, it was given to Peter de Maulay...".

William Buffary, Lord of Nether Penn, was imprisoned for many years for sheltering an unfortunate woman who had been outlawed.

Staffordshire Historical Collection Vol III, p 221 (in Latin) the charter by which William BUFFARY, son of WILLIAM BUFFARY, concerned for the safety of his soul, grants a portion of the land near Trescot to the monks of Combe, 1190 - 1199. The gift was unconditional and even the token rent of one pound of cummin was refused.

 At Westminster, 8 July 1200, Sibilla who had been the wife of William BUFFERE II, was represented by her son William BUFFARY III, complained against Walter, Abbot of Combe, represented by Nigel the Monk. Sibella lost the case as William II had not died in possession of the land which she would otherwise have received one third portion of (Widow's terce).

 "In 1236 Peter de BUFFER was arrested and later hanged for conspiracy. This, like the modern BUFFERY, is a form of BOUVERIE, meaning ox-farm.... The Peter de BUFFER was one of the King's doorkeepers." [Justice and Crime by W.D. Bowman, Faber and Faber 1932].

 Robert BUFFERY, in 1272, also contested that his great grandfather had not given the lands and that it was only a ten-year lease. He also lost his case.  

In 1356, Richard de Fynchenesfield was charged with procuring William son of Hugh de Penne and Thomas BUFFERY to kill John Matheu at Whytewyk (Whitwick) in the Manor of Tettenhall.

 Today, in Dudley, there is a BUFFERY ROAD, and a BUFFERY PARK. 

The Will of Thomas BUFFERIE, February 3rd 1561

Parish of Newland, Abode: Coleford.

Thomas Carsall senior and Elyn his wife : 2 best cows

Joan Carsall, youngest daughter of Thomas Carsall: 1 cow

Jane Thomas, Goddaughter: 1 cow

Anne Elkyns, Goddaughter: 2 pewter platters

Agnes Carsall, daughter of Thomas: 3 platters

Jane Carsall, middle daughter of Thomas: A canvas halyng

John Carsall son of Thomas: 1 heifer 3 years old

Thomas Carsall elder son of Thomas: 3rd best brass pot

Robert Carsall, son of Thomas: a brass possenet and platter

BUFFREY and BUFFRY since 1600

Sections and names in RED are the direct ancestors of Alun BUFFRY

Going backwards from the author of this page:

Alun BUFFRY - born 1950, Barry, Glamorgan, UK.

Stanley Richard BUFFRY - (Jim) born 1913, Argoed, South Wales, UK; married Vera LANGLEY

Sidney BUFFRY - born 1892, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, UK; married Margaret JONES

Richard BUFFRY - born 1850 Cinderford, Gloucestershire, UK; married Emma PARRY

Henry BUFFREY (2) - born 1814, Newland, Gloucestershire, UK; married Hannah COOPER

Henry BUFFREY (1) - born 1771, Newland, Gloucestershire, UK; married Mary STEVENS

Worgan BUFFREY - born 1737, Clearwell, Gloucestershire, UK; married Margaret TYLER

Joseph BUFFREY - born 1716, Old Swinford, Worcestershire, UK: married Deborah WORGAN

William BUFFREY (2)- born 1670, Old Swinford, Worcestershire, UK: married Emme SMITH

John BUFFREY - born 1647, Old Swinford, Worcestershire, UK: married Alice REID

William BUFFREY - (1) born about 1600 married Martha PERKES



Born about 1600, parents not yet identified

Married Martha PERKES, 1 May 1624, Old Swinford, Worcestershire

*** Andrew Pardoe sent the following information RE WILLIAM and MARTHA:
I have just come across your Buffery Family history on the web. I believe you have traced your line back to William Buffery and Martha Perks in Oldswinford in 1640s. I believe William’s family came from the neighbouring manor of Cradley and may have settled in the Lye area in the 1630s. In Nigel Perry's history of Stourbridge. PG 32 and 33 there are a couple of passages that illuminate this period.

He says that the Addenbrooks were a major force in the area owning coal and clay mining rights and water mills along the Stour. In 1627 Samual Addenbrook built a cottage for his son Henry Addenbrook on Lye Waste. By 1638 Henry had been joined by John Perks, William Bache,John Buffery, William Hill, John Westwood, William Round, John and Thomas Syddaway and John Millward. I have traced family lines back to several of these individuals and now realise they all have nailing and Scythe making as an occupational background. It was obviously a close knit and inter related community.


William Bache=Elizabeth Hill 21 April 1611

Edward Bache = Mary Sydaway 17 November 1635
Margaret Sydaway = John Perks

John Westwood=Margaret Round 21 Sept 1635

Francis and John Westwood apprenticed to John Perks Circa 1670

William Buffery = Margery Perks @ Oldswinford 1st May 1624

I think your William Buffery and Martha Perks are most likely related to John Perks and John Buffery above.

The Manorial records of Cradley show that several of the above families had connections with that manor. For example Thomas and John Syddaway were both manorial Tenants. The Westwoods owned a scythemill in Cradley and there is a William and George Buffery who were also tenants. I think your William is the son of this William and was bap 12 Nov 1592 at Halesowen although his parentage is not given. This William married Cecily Hawkhead @Halesowen 8th Oct 1576 and had a several children including George above.


Children of William BUFFREY (1) and Martha PERKES:

John BUFFREY, born 1647 married Alice REID 1667, Pedmore, Worcestershire

Ellyoner BUFFREY, born 1644, Christened 1 Sep 1644, Old Swinford

Gilbert BUFFREY, born 1641, Christened 30 April 1641, Old Swinford

Isabel BUFFREY, born 1639, Christened 25 Aug 1639, Old Swinford

Ann BUFFREY, born 1638, Christened 8 Apr 1638, Old Swinford

William BUFFREY, born 1636, Christened 22 Jun 1636, Old Swinford

Margery BUFFREY, born 1635, christened 24 Jan 1645, Old Swinford

William BUFFREY, born 1632, Christened 21 March 1632, Old Swinford

Martha BUFFREY, born 1627, Christened 10 February 1627, Old Swinford

William BUFFREY, born 1625/26


Born 1647, son of William (1) BUFFREY and Martha PERKES

Christened 4 July 1647, Old Swinford

Married Alice REID, 11 Jan 1667/68 in Pedmore, Worcs.

Children of John BUFFREY and Alice REID:

William (2) BUFFREY, born 1670; married Emme SMITH

John BUFFREY, born 1675, Christened 13 Dec 1675, Old Swinford

Mary BUFFREY, born 1677, Christened 17 June 1677, Old Swinford

Martha BUFFREY, born 1680, Christened 1 Nov 1680, Old Swinford

Margaret BUFFREY, born 1683, Christened 7 July 1683, Old Swinford

Joyce BUFFREY, born 1684, Christened 15 Feb 1684, Old Swinford

William BUFFREY (2)

Born 1670, son of John BUFFREY and Alice REID, Old Swinford, Worcs

Married Emme Smith, 12 August 1706, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcs

Children of William BUFFREY and Emme SMITH:

Joseph BUFFREY, born 1716, Old Swinford, married Deborah WORGAN

Anne BUFFREY, born 1707. Christened 12 May 1707, Old Swinford

William BUFFREY, Christened 22 Nov 1708, Old Swinford

John BUFFREY, born 1710, Christened 30 Dec 1710

Margaret BUFFREY, born 1712, Christened 9 Nov 1712, Old Swinford

John BUFFREY, born 1714, Christened 1 Nov 1714, Old Swinford

Samuel BUFFERY, born 1719, Christened 19 April 1719, Old Swinford

Thomas BUFFREY, born 1720, Christened 8 Feb 1720, Old Swinford

Samuel BUFFREY, Christened 2 July 1723, Old Swinford

Margaret BUFFREY, Christened 1725, Old Swinford


son of William (2) BUFFREY and Emme SMITH

Christened 3 November 1716, Old Swinford, Worcestershire.

Married Deborah WORGAN (baptised 1711, Newland, Glos, England: sister of William WORGAN) about 1736

Children of Joseph BUFFREY and Deborah WORGAN:

o        Worgan BUFFREY, born 1737, Old Swinford, Worcestershire married Margaret TYLER, Newland, 1765

o        Matthias BUFFREY, born 1741, Old Swinford

o        Martha BUFFREY, Christened 16 March 1743/44, Old Swinford.

o        William BUFFREY, born 1747, Christened 7 Nov 1747, Old Swinford

o        Joseph BUFFREY, born 1750, Christened 25 Nov 1750, Old Swinford

o        Emm BUFFREY, born 1755, Christened 23 Feb 1755, Old Swinford

Deborah Worgan was the daughter of Johanis WORGAN and Elizabeth.  So Deborah seems to go to Old Swinford and meet Joseph, which was where Worgan Buffry and the other children were born, later returning ton Newland with her son Worgan who then married Margaret TYLER in Newland, Glos, 1765 (see below)

Children of Johanis WORGAN and Elizabeth:

o        Deborah born 1711, married Joseph BUFFREY

o        William WORGAN, born 1698 in Newland, Christened 25 Nov 1698

o        Elizabeth WORGAN, born 1703 in Newland, Christened 13 Oct 1703

o        Ann WORGAN, born 1709 in Newland, Christened 28 Aug 1709

o        Eliz WORGAN, born 1717 in Newland, Christened 12 Dec 1717

o        Genevera WORGAN, born 1719 in Newland, Christened, 15 Mar 1718/19

o        Anna WORGAN, born 1722 in Newland, Christened 25 Mar 1722

o        Mercy WORGAN, born 1722 in Newland, Christened 24 June 1722

o        William WORGAN, born 1723 in Newland, Christened 15 June 1723

o        Maria WORGAN, born 1725 in Newland, Christened 7 June 1725

o        Francisca WORGAN, born 1726 in Newland, Christened 11 Sept 1726


Born 1737 in Old Swinford, Worcester, son of Joseph BUFFREY and Deborah WORGAN

Christened 3 February 1737/38, Old Swinford, Worcestershire

Married Margaret TYLER in Newland, Glos, 1765.  Died 1805

Margaret TYLER Christened 3 Feb 1745/46, Newland, Glos, daughter of Henry TYLER and Elizabeth KEDGWYN, married 10 Feb 1744/45 in Newland.

Children of Henry TYLER and Elizabeth KEDGWYN:

o        Margaret TYLER, born 1746, married Worgan BUFFREY

o        John TYLER, born 1749, Newland, Christened 2 Oct 1749

Elizabeth KEDGWYN was daughter of Thomas KEDGWYN (2) born 1692 Newland and Elizabeth KEAR, born 1701 Newland, married 28 Jan 1716/17 in Newland.  Elizabeth KEAR was born 1701 in Newland, daughter of Richard KEAR and Elizabeth WORGAN.

Children of Thomas KEDGWYN (2) and Elizabeth KEAR

o        Elizabeth KEDGWYN, born 1718, Christened 5 May 1718, married Henry TYLER

o        Thomas KEDGWYN born 1720 in Newland, Christened 3 May 1720

o        Nicholas KEDGWYN, born 1722 in Newland

Thomas KEDWYN (2), born 1692 in Newland, was the son of Thomas KEDGWYN (1) and Margaret BANISTER.

Children of Thomas KEDGWYN (1) and Margaret BANISTER:

o        Johes KEDGWYN, born 1676, Newland, Christened 27 Dec 1676

o        Thomas KEDGWYN, (2) born 1678, Newland, Christened Dec 16 1678

o        Margaretta KEDGWYN, born May 1681, Newland

o        Maria KEDGWYN, born 1683 Newland, Christened 9 Apr 1683

o        William KEDGWYN, born 1683 in Newland, Christened 3 Jun 1683

o        Maria KEDGWYN, born 1685 in Newland, Christened 1 Oct 1685

o        Mar KEDGWYN, born 1686 in Newland, Christened 5 Dec 1686

o        Thomas KEDGWYN, born 1692 in Newland, married Elizabeth KEAR 28 Jan 1716/17 in Newland

o        Anna KEDGWYN, born 1693 in Newland, Christened 23 Jul 1693

In 1765 Worgan BUFFREY, born 1737, married Margaret TYLER (an orphan) by Special Licence in Newland. His bondsman was William WORGAN.

Worgan as a Christian name was and is unusual to say the least. However, as a surname in the FOD it was very common. It was also common in those times for a first born son to bear the maiden name of his mother as a Christian name (especially if the mother came from a higher social standing than the father).

Worgan was born in 1737 in Old Swinford, Worcestershire, to Deborah WORGAN and Joseph BUFFREY. By chance (and we all know this is not infallible) there is only one Deborah WORGAN in the whole of the IGI and, guess where she was christened??? Yes, that's right, in Newland FOD!! Not only that, but she has a brother William - could this be Worgan's Bondsman? - could Worgan have moved back to his maternal family's home to find work? As yet, we have not gone any further into this, but I'm sure you can see that this theory is feasible. (Just to add to this, I have the microfiche for Old Swinford covering the pertinent times and there is a Deborah BUFFREY being buried at just the right age to coincide with her baptism in 1711.

Worgan and Margaret TYLER married in 1765 and then the first thing we find after that is an entry in the IGI and confirmed with the Bishop's Transcripts for Newland: Joseph WORGAN, baptised 02.02.1769, son of Buffrey WORGAN and his wife Margaret. We can see from this that BUFFREY was not a usual surname in the FOD, in fact, I think that Worgan was what we might call a "first footer" into Gloucestershire.

We also find Elizabeth BUFFREY (daughter of Worgan and Margaret BUFFREY) buried at Clearwell.

(Thanks to Mr and Mrs Martin BUFFREY for the above)

Children of Worgan BUFFREY and Margaret TYLER

Children Joseph BUFFREY and Sarah GUESS:

Sarah BUFFREY christened August 5 1797, died October 5 1797

Joseph BUFFREY christened December 9 1798, died January 30 1799

Mary BUFFREY christened April 6 1801

Deborah BUFFREY christened August 14 1804, married James ROBERTS, Newland, 7 September 1834

Daughter Mary BUFFRY born 4 June 1826                    

Margaret BUFFREY christened May 10 1807

Sarah BUFFREY christened April 5 1810

Anne BUFFREY christened December 13 1812

John BUFFREY christened August 25 1816

married Anne Price 3 February 1805

Children of James BUFFREY and Anne PRICE:

o        Margaret BUFFREY christened April 24 or 29 1806

o        Henry BUFFREY christened September 20 1811

o        Mary BUFFREY christened February 23 1812, died as infant

o        Mary BUFFREY christened August 24 1817 twin of John

o        John BUFFREY christened August 24 1817 twin of Mary. It is possible that this is the same John who married Maria in 1850 but his birth date was entered as 1821. John and Maria had two sons: John and James. James married Alice Morgan and changed his name by deed pole to BUFFRY (about the same time as Richard son of Henry did the same. They lived in Ruspidge, Glos.. Their children were:

* Eva Alice married Tom Bowkett

* Edwin

* Albert

* Arthur

* Charles

* Frederick

* Maud

* Cyril

Together they formed the BUFFRY FAMILY STRING BAND.


There was also a John Buffery (son of Joseph, a scythsmith) married my ancestor, Ann Chance, at Kingswinford in 1793. They moved to Cradley & had a family. After Ann died, John married twice more before dying in 1841.

HENRY BUFFRY (1), aka "Old Henry"

Born 1771, son of Worgan BUFFREY and Margaret TYLER. Died and buried in Newland Parish in 1844 but supposed to have been aged 79; note spelling in record is BUFFREY.

Labourer, Clearwell, Newland

Married Mary STEVENS, born 1786, married Newland, 17 November 1810. Note spelling on marriage certificate is BUFFRY although he signs his name BUFFREY..

Mary STEVENS was a daughter of Richard HAWKINS and Sarah STEVENS (married 2 November 1789). Christened 21 May 1786, Newland, Glos.

Children of Henry BUFFREY (1) and Mary STEVENS:



Baptised 25 September 1814, Newland, Glos.; spelling on Baptism record in BUFFREY.: died 1876

son of Henry (1) BUFFREY and Mary STEVENS

Collier, Cinderford, Glos.

60 Coopers Trump, St Johns, Cinderford, Glos.

Married Hannah Cooper, born 1815, Cinderford, on 31 May 1836; Married at Newland 31 May 1836, in the presence of Thomas James and Martha Cooper. Spelling is BUFFREY.

Hannah COOPER was the daughter of Richard Cooper born 1780 East Dean, Glos and Dinah BALDWIN

Dinah BALDWIN, born 1784 in Little Dean, died 26 July 1851.

Richard COOPER and Dinah BALDWIN's daughter was Hannah Cooper, born 1815 Cinderford, died 24 June 1882, married Henry BUFFREY (2). See also the Indenture of 1883.

Henry and Hannah BUFFREY are both buried in St Johns, Cinderford, Glos.

Children of Henry BUFFREY (2) and Hannah COOPER: See also the Indenture of 1883

Married Benjamin Burris

Son William Henry Burris April 22 1859

Son George Benjamin Burris 16 November 1860

Son Thomas Burris March 5 1863

o        Children of Joseph BUFFREY and Elizabeth:

o        Joseph William BUFFERY bapt. July 18 1875 at St Johns. Note spelling in Parish Record is BUFFERY.

o        Ernest

o        Louise

o        Martha

o        Mary

o        Ada

o        Samuel married Rose HUMPHRIES of Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire

Children of Samuel BUFFREY and Rose:



 Ronald married Elsie Forshaw - there children were Linda, Paul, Susan, Jill and Trevor. Paul Buffrey is father of Rachel Buffrey.


 Vincent born 23 May 1915, died 13 July 1996, married Irene Styring (born 13 August 1914) on 23 March 1940. Children of Vincent and Irene:

David Charles, born 31 January 1943

 Martin Royd, born 23 November 1946; married Susan LEVESLEY (born 2 January 1953) on 24 February 1973. Children

* Claire Jayn, born 2 March 1974, died 15 March 1990

* Richard Edward, born 9 September 1975, married Laura POWER (born 19 September 1974) on 6 November 1999. Two children:

# Cameron Mark Vincent, born 11 January 1999

# Olivia Charlotte Jayn, born 18 July 2000

Moved to Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND


Son of Henry (2) BUFFREY

Married Emma PARRY, born 14 /8/1852, died 6 June 1927

Charlotte BUFFREY, BAB 1856         Married George Tye on 25 Dec 1872  

NB: Samuel's father is entered as Edward on the marriage certificate although elsewhere it was Henry, son of Old Henry.

Married Rhoda WOODHOUSE, born 1854 in Ruspidge, Glos, died 6 July 1925

Rhoda was a district nurse.

Children of Samuel BUFFREY and Rhoda WOODHOUSE:

o        Mary Ann BUFFREY, born 1871; married Albert William POWELL, 30 Dec 1893 at St Johns Cinderford, Glos.; witnessed by Rose Annah BUFFREY.

o        Rose Hannah (aka Rosanna) BUFFREY born 1874; married William WHITE, 22 June 1897, St Johns, Cinderford, Glos. Witnessed by Samuel BUFFREY

o        Samuel BUFFREY born 1875, married Bertha JENKINS (daughter of Isaac Jenkins) 14 Oct 1897 at St Johns Cinderford, Glos. Witnessed Isaac Jenkins and Isabel Ann Wintle (Census 1901)

o        James BUFFREY, born 1878, Cinderford Tump, Glos; Collier. Married Mary Ann Jessie Elizabeth WHITSON, 12 Oct 1899 at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos., (daughter of Thomas William WHITSON, and engine driver), witnessed by Thomas William and Emily Florence WHITSON.

Children of James BUFFREY and Mary WHITSON

o        Maud Alice BUFFREY born 6 Feb 1909, died 27 Aug 1970; married Thomas Daniel NELDER (2), son of Thomas Daniel NELDER (1) born 13 Feb 1897 and Melinda Caroline GAPPER.

Maud Alice and Thomas' daughter is Janet Kathleen NELDER, born 4 Jan 1939, Cheltenham, Glos, England; she married Albert Edward COURT on 24 Aug 1959 in Cheltenham, born 25 Aug 1936, son of Bert COURT and Mabel Gladys Julia HASLUM.

o        Doris BUFFREY married Jack HUGHES, children Stanley and Ernie

o        Lillian BUFFREY married Jack DAVIES, children Linda and Patricia (adopted)

o        Ernest James BUFFREY married Olive Watts

children of Ernest and Olive:

o        Howard BUFFREY married Amy Chapman

o        John BUFFREY born 27 February 1935; married Feb 25, 1961 to Elizabeth (Betty) Crowder-Johnson (born Aug 13, 1938)

Children of John and Elizabeth

o        Katharine Elizabeth BUFFREY, born 6 Sept 1964; adopted: children Samantha, David, Tanmy

o        Philip John BUFFREY, born 31 Oct 1965                                                                                        

o        Joseph BUFFREY, born 1880 ???

o        Enid MariaBUFFREY, born 1889; married Ambrose Harry GRIFFITHS, 26 May 1914, at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos.

o        Joseph William BUFFREY, born 1882, married Dora May Beard, 23 March 1907 at St Johns Cinderford, Glos.

Children of Joseph and Dora:


Cecil married Emily (Molly) HAWKINS

children of Cecil and Emily: 


Douglas, married Wendy DALLOW, their children: Debi, Candice, Andrew, David


Alec married Peggy DONOVAN;

children of Alec and Peggy: 




Stephen, born 6 June 1949

o        Arthur BUFFREY, born 1887; died 7 May 1949, buried at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos. Married Florence May NASH, 5 Aug 1912, St Johns, Cinderford, Glos., buried at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos.

o        Mary Alice BUFFREY, born 1889; married Walter Henry MORGAN, 28 March 1914 at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos.

o        Ralph Ernest BUFFREY, born 1890; died 22 March 1967, buried at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos. Married Hilda JONES, 24 Aug 1915 at St Johns Cindeford, Glos., died 9 January 1964, buried at St Johns, Cinderford, Glos

o        Rhysa ? 

RICHARD BUFFRY / BUFFREY photo of Richard with wife Emma

Collier, Cinderford, Glos. Born 16 Sept 1850

son of Henry (2) and Hannah Cooper

St Johns, Cinderford, Glos.

Changed surname spelling to BUFFRY.

Married Emma Parry, born 14 August 1852, (Q, 11a, 22) Berry Hill, Gloucestershire, servant in 1901 in Flaxely, died 6 June 1927

Married at St Johns Cinderford East Dean, Glos. 19 September 1871

See also the Indenture of 1883

Children of Richard BUFFRY and Emma PARRY:

                Daughter Enid

                Grandson Robert


Born 20 July 1892, died 22 February 1959


Greenfield Cwm Argoed and 1 Sunny View, Argoed, Bedwellty, Gwent, Wales

Married Maggie Jones, born 12 December 1892 in Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, died 27 May 1972; Maggie Jones was teh daughter of RICHARD (1858, Bedwellty), a colliery overman, and ELIZABETH ( 1860, Bedwellty) JONES: siblings of Maggie: William (Willie), (1887). John (1890), Edgar (1892), Oliver (1892), Rachel (1896), Thomas (1898), Richard (1889/1900)

Married at Libanus Chapel, Blackwood, Wales, 26 July 1913.

Children of SIDNEY CHARLES BUFFRY and Margaret JONES:

·         STANLEY RICHARD BUFFRY, born 15 Oct 1913, Argoed, died 1985,    Barry. Married Vera Langley (1911-1991) of Barry, Glamorgan, in 1947, daughter of Alfred Langley & Bessie Ellen Palmer

·         Sidney Idwal BUFFRY, born 10 March 1915 died 19 May 1943, killed at war (R.A.F.)                             Married Ruby Clargo of Blackwood                          

·         Rachel Emma BUFFRY, born 3 Nov 1917, deceased  mmarried Francis Clements of London, deceased, children:

·         o        Brian Clements married Janette Tucker; children

son Andrew John Clements married Mel Hamilton and moved to Canada

daughter Helen Francis Clements

Helen Francis Clements married Michael Eagle:

daughter Sophia and Grace

o        Idwal married Gillian Wolsey, children:

daughter Rachel

son David Anthony Clememnts

David married Michaelle Smith

daughters Lauren Frances Clements and Lucy Emma Clements

o        Son: Nigel Goddard married Lindy Buttifant. Children:  

o        Steven, Married June Fulbrook: children:

son Benjamin Steven

son Gareth Haydon

o        Kenneth Martin Williams

o        Gareth

o        Sian


Born 16 Oct 1913, Argoed, died 1985, Barry

Labourer British Railways and BP Plastics, Barry.

St Mary's Avenue, Barry, Glamorgan

Broad Street, Barry, Glamorgan

High Street, Barry Glamorgan

Also known as JIM

Married Vera Langley, in 1947

picture Stanley and Vera

Vera was born 15 November 1911, died 1991 in Barry

daughter of Alfred LANGLEY and Bessie Ellen Louise PALMER of Barry:

Children of Stanley Richard BUFFRY and Vera LANGLEY:

Alun BUFFRY, born 2 Feb 1950, Barry, South Glamorgan, (Q1, 8b, 496)

Gwyneth BUFFRY,  married Philip PLAYLE (Q3, 8b, 487)

Children of Gwyneth BUFFRY and Philip PLAYLE:

Suzanne Playle married Jamie S Carran; children:

                        Daughter Josie Molly Carran

                        Daughter Olivia

Kathrine Playle,  married Andrew J Stevens; children:

                        Son: Brandon

                        Son: Camron

Michelle Playle married Chris Hillberg

                        Daughter Tayla

                        son: Kai Christopher

BUFFREY (Australia)


Born 1791, Manchester, England


Transported to Australia aboard the ship "Indefatigable", arrived 25 April 1815, having been convicted of robbery and sentenced to 7 years.

Resided in Appin, New South Wales.

Religion: Protestant. Height 5'1" or 5'7" and 3/4. Complexion: shallow; hair: dark brown; eyes: dark.

Married Mary Reagan in Church of England Parish of Cambelltown with the consent of the Governor on the 10 May 1830, by Thomas Reddall, the first Rector of St Peters Church, Campbelltown, NSW.

Mary Reagan, born 1808 Limerick, Ireland; died 12 October 1858, buried 15 October 1858 Sydney. Cause of death: bronchitis. Transported on the ship "Grenada 4" in 1826, after conviction for shoplifting and sentence to 7 years. Resided in Campbelltown and assigned to John Howe from Windsor. Religion: Roman Catholic. Convicted London, 20 February 1826. Height 5'3"; complexion: ruddy; hair: brown; eyes: grey.


                                Daughter Mary Ann born 1837

                                Daughter Jane, born 1861

                                Son William, born 1833 married Mary J Jual, daughter Annie Emma

Son Charles                                                                                          

buried Narrandera Cemetary. Cause of death: Bright's disease

Charles BUFFREY (Australia)

Born 15 October 1829 died 5 October 1889

Lived at Wagga and Narrandera. A horse-breaker in 1848. Later a publican, auctioneer and a butcher. Licensee of:

  1. "Horse and Jockey Inn", Tarcutta, 1861
  2. "The Black Swan", Wagga, 1865
  3. "The Narrandera", Narrandera, 1868 - 69
  4. "The Ferry Hotel", North Wagga, 1871 - 72

Charles rode a bull through the streets of Wagga. Gormly described him as the 'biggest man in Wagga' (March 1864) [Great Book of Australian Humour by Bill Wannas, 1977, page 201]

Married twice

1. Catherine Davis, born 1835-6, died 29 May 1860, Wagga. Buried Wagga Cemetery.. Married at Presbyterian ceremony by Rev. Patrick Fitzgerald.


born at Tarcutta, buried Woronora Cemetery, Sydney.

2. After the death of Catherine, Charles married Sophia Bollard in Wagga in 1868. Sophia born 14 June 1850, Picton NSW. Died 22 June 1932. Buried Narrandera Cemetery.


                Married (1) Adelaide Walkerden, born 1872, died 15 May 1911, aged 39

                Married (2) Ella Louise, born 1880, died 29 October 1948, aged 68.

Married Lena Humphrey in 1893

Charles BUFFREY, "Bidgee Bill"

Son of Thomas.

 "The Man who rode the Bull through Wagga"

WELL-KNOWN WRITER, Alan Marshall, recently put forward what looks like a solution to a mystery that has long puzzled many of us - Who was the man who rode the white bull through Wagga?

That wonderful Australian, Dame Mary Gilmore, who was born in Waga, wrote to Mr Marshall: "The white bull was in the first circus to put up its tent in Wagga. It was owned by Mrs Brown and managed by her half brother, Harry Moxham.

"I wasn't more than five or six years old at the time. No one could ride the bull in the circus, but Mr BUFFREY, a Wagga auctioneer, said he would ride it through the town

 He did, and it went as quiet as a lamb. I saw it turn the corner as it went into the main street. It was all I saw of the riding."

Alan Marshall continues: "So, through Dame Mary Gilmore, we now know the name of the man who rode the white bull through Wagga. When I was a boy someone chipped us with being the man who rode the bull through Wagga, we always retorted, 'No, I'm the man who rode the crowbar through China without giving it a sore back.'"

And that in turn recalls to mind the rollicking verses by Jack Moses that many of us used to rejoice in when young:

"Years ago, back ever so far,

A bull was ridd'n through Wagga-Wog-ah,

The fact was known in Tar-cut-ta,

And cooded to Car-pen-tar-iar.

And around the world wherever you are

You'll hear of the bull of Wagga-Wog-ah,

How Bidgee Bill with great eclar

Rode the famous bull through Wagga Wog-ah"

The legendary Bidgee Bill must now retire in favour of Mr BUFFREY, not so romantically named, perhaps, but justice must be done.

Catherine BUFFREY

Married George Henry Davenant, in Victoria in 1880. Born 1850-1851 Gippsland, Victoria.


Married Bejamin Roy 1900, Sydney

                Children: Baden Roy born 1900, died 1952; Ruby Linda Roy born 1902, died 1976

Married William Joseph Griffiths, born 26 Jan 1883 (Wales) died 1961, Sydney       Father Allan Griffiths; mother Rosalind Griffiths   

Children of William and Linda Griffiths:

Married John May. Son George May died in car crash.

Married Nancy Cox. Children Gary Griffiths, Christine Griffiths

Married Joseph Newmarch, born 29 Apr 1911, Canada.

Children of Joseph and Lorraine Newmarch:

Married Gail Clarke; Children Angela Newmarch and Kathryn Newmarch

Married C Maybury (divorced). Children Kim, Kathleen, Kerri, Kylie, Keiran

Married P Walters (divorced).

Child Kellie born 25 Feb 1973


The first BUFFERY at Radway was Thomas BUFFERY, a malster from the neighbouring parish of Ratley, married Mary Usker on 11 February 1779.

Their children were:


Son of Thomas BUFFERY, born 3 January 1783, died 2 December 1858, aged 75.

A farmer and malster.

Married Sarah Shennington of Gloucs, at Radway on 12 September 1808.


 William BUFFERY

Son of Robert BUFFERY, baptised 31 May 1816, died 1880.

Married cousin Elizabeth Ridge, daughter of a publican, at Akeley Parish Church on 25 August 1845.

Resided at Wardington near Banbury. A draper.

Children of William and Elizabeth BUFFERY:

Son of Thomas: Major BUFFERY(died 1973), married Florence

Children of Major and Florence BUFFERY

 Joyce (daughter of Major) married ?

Children of Joyce and ?

Janet married Allan

Children of Janet and Allan:



 Alan, (son of Major) married Mollie

Children of Alan and Mollie BUFFERY

 Alison married Steve

 daughters Victoria and Kirsty

 June, (daughter of Major) married John Lamb

Children of June and John LAMB

Sharon married Steve

 daughter Charlotte and son Andrew


 Keith (son of Major) married Carol

Children of Keith and Carol BUFFERY

o        Shaun BUFFERY married Jane

o        Tracey Buffery

o        Nicki married Grant

Children of Nicki and Grant:




o        John, born 22 July 1854

o        Samuel, born 19 Jan 1857

William Ridge BUFFERY (I)

Born 1846; died 1908

Married Jane Sophia Townsend on 22 September 1874 at Broadwell Church, near Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos, UK.

Grocer and wine merchant, Banbury; died 1908

Son of William Ridge Buffery (I) and Jane Sophie:

o        William Ridge BUFFERY (II) , married Mary Jane Williams

William Ridge BUFFERY II

Married Mary Jane Williams at Builth Wells, Wales

Grocer and wine merchant

Children of William Ridge BUFFERY II and Mary Jane:

o        William Ridge III, born 9 Dec 1917, grocer and wine merchant at Stow-on-the-Wold

Granddaughter Rachel Buffery

o        Gwyneth worked at Lloyd's Bank, Stow-on-the-Wold